Wednesday 25 September 2019 from 17:00 to 22:00
Individual visitors

In this screening and talk, filmmaker Toma Peiu, will show how genealogical research into a forgotten family story led to the making of the short fiction film Start Anew World, directed by his creative partner, Luiza Pârvu, and currently shown in the exhibit Roots Seekers. Peiu will also show and discuss selected scenes from the road movie documentary film the two shot across Europe and the United States, Ubi Bene Ibi Patria, juxtaposing contemporary and historical histories of migration, and how momentous times at the turn of the 20th and 21st centuries changed individual destinies.

The presentation will be followed by a Q&A session, where the audience will be encouraged to share their own stories and views on genealogical research and migration. The artist talk will be conducted in English.


About the films:

Start Anew World (fiction, 23 min., Romania - Hungary - USA, 2014)
Pennsylvania, 1908. Romanian immigrant cobbler Petru greets his cousin's wife Ana in their New World home, with silent affection. Before he wins her heart, however, he needs to break a piece of news that will change her for good.

Ubi Bene Ibi Patria (documentary feature, in post-production, Romania - USA)
A documentary looking at transnational migration across seven European countries and the U.S., gravitating around past and present stories of immigrants of Romanian descent.

The film visits protagonists as diverse as an actor trying to break through while making ends meet in New York, an exceptional Transylvanian couple who have never travelled outside their country, but keep collecting stories from afar; working class Romanians living in Italy, Spain, France, and a family of third generation Americans in Wisconsin. The narrative zaps across space and time, introducing multiple protagonists and connecting migration stories from different generations and backgrounds.

About the filmmakers:

Toma Peiu and Luiza Parvu are a creative duo based in the United States. They started collaborating in Bucharest, Romania, in 2009, while pursuing undergraduate degrees in film. They later moved to New York City, where Luiza obtained an Master of Arts in Film Production at New York University, and Toma pursued the Master of Arts in Media Studies at The New School. They currently work between New York and Boulder, Colorado - where Toma is a doctoral student and instructor in Emergent Technologies and Media Art Practices, and Luiza teaches in the department of Critical Media Practices. In 2014, they founded their own production label: Root Films. Their films and video installations have been presented in over 100 venues on four continents: from film festivals to academic conferences, museums, churches, community centres and multiplex theatres. 



  • From 5 pm: museum café will be open and possibility of a free visit to the 'Rootszoekers' presentation
  • 8 pm: artist talk with Toma Peiu

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