Corona-update 7/12/2021:

Individual visits and group/class visits are strictly separated. Until 25/02/2022, group visits (with or without a guide) are only possible on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Individual visitors are not allowed then.

Group visits without a guide

You can buy tickets at the counter, but we strongly advise you to book them in advance online. Read more: Tickets & Rates

Is your group larger than 45 people? Be sure to inform the museum of your arrival at

With a guide

A guide makes a visit to the museum even more fun and interesting. The guide tells all kinds of stories and interesting facts about the collection and the temporary exhibition.

Cost for the guide: € 90 per group of max. 15 participants + € 25 administration costs. In addition to the guide, you pay the normal admission price to the museum.

You can book a guide via the Experience Antwerp platform (

Guided tours
groep mensen kijkt naar een foto op de muur
Guided tour
Discover the exhibition with a guide.
kinderen dragen rieten koffers
Guided tour
You set off on a journey with your (grand)parents and an enthusiastic tour guide. From Warsaw to America, you will hear exciting stories from other young migrants.
Guided tour
An interactive guided tour based on emigrant stories, suitable for adults and youths aged 16 and older.
City walks
City Walk
'Following emigrants' is a three-hour walk in which you follow the footsteps of the emigrants from the moment they arrive in Central Station until they reach the harbour.
City Walk
A two-hour walk on the Eilandje, near the buildings of the Red Star Line shipping company (grounds of the Red Star Line Museum).