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Albert and his wife Elsa first took the night train from Berlin to Antwerp. Prior to embarking they stayed in the beautiful Century Hotel on De Keyserlei. They only sailed as far as San Diego from Antwerp, leaving the other passengers to continue their world cruise. They travelled in comfort in first class. Albert kept this diary. This is what he wrote about the service: ‘We are housed in princely fashion on the ship. The behaviour of every member of staff is so grand yet self-effacing that one starts to feel strangely like a country bumpkin.’ He worked and studied on board, but enjoyed himself too and played music. His secretary and mathematical assistant accompanied him.

On 18 March 1933, Albert and Elsa returned from another stay in America, and boarded the Belgenland again. On board he decided not to return to Nazi Germany. He wrote his letter of resignation to the Prussian Academy of Sciences. He would stay a few months in Belgium, then travel on the Red Star Line’s Westernland to make his new home for good in the United States.