The story of the Red Star Line shipping company is closely linked to Antwerp. The shipping company and its passengers were very visible in the city in the period 1872 - 1934. There was a time when two ships left Antwerp weekly to bring passengers to America. Every week, 4,000 emigrants went from Central Station to Rijnkaai on foot. Most came from small villages in Eastern Europe and they were amazed by what they saw. But the people of Antwerp also didn't always know what to think of these exotic creatures.

The Antwerp Museum App?

Today the traces of this story are as good as gone. However, the Red Star Line Museum brings them back to life. With the Antwerp Museum App you can walk through the city and experience it as the emigrants did. Like them, you will depart from Central Station and end at the Scheldt where the ships of the Red Star Line departed.



How to download the app

  • Click on the App Store on your smartphone.
  • Search for the Antwerp Museum App.
  • Click download.

It’s that simple!

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