Despite the cold the Park Shed of Park Spoor Noord in Antwerp felt a lot warmer on Saturday thanks to everyone's enthusiasm. The artist and film maker Hans Op de Beeck (°1969, Turnhout) filmed “Dance” here, his contemporary film about migration, which was commissioned by the Red Star Line Museum. “Dance” is a sober, poetic film which the Belgian artist hopes will make the public think about migration in the past and present.

A group of 770 extras played the role of Red Star Line emigrants. In simple, universal clothes, which had been specially designed for the project, they performed a dance consisting of ordinary, daily actions that relate to migration, travel and being on the move.

“The commitment of the almost 800 extras was heart-warming", Hans Op de Beeck said after he had finished shooting. "Even the extras for this morning’s shower scenes remained enthusiastic and professional, which is far from evident in this unexpectedly cold spring weather.”

“Dance” is shown at the end of the museum visit. A last stop to encourage the public to reflect on and think about migration in the past and present.

Some extras

  • "I enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere; especially the work of Hans Op de Beeck and his staff. It made it a fun day. The shower scene was cold but heart-warming because everyone was in such a good mood. Belgium: thank you... on behalf of a Dutchman."
    Gert Hulleman
  • "Thank you for letting me experience this unforgettable day. And all credit goes to Hans Op de Beeck: what an amazing feat to get 800 people to be quiet and serene and let them do the same thing in a friendly and patient manner. It will definitely be a poignant and poetic film."
    Johanna Fontier
  • "An unforgettable experience, I was happy to be part of it, it was serene and impressive."
    Hans Heye