Migrants of love leave their home, family and friends behind in order to build a future with that one special person. ‘Destination Sweetheart’ is an exhibition about migration for love before and now, from the Red Star Line period to present day. By way of letters and personal objects, the exhibition shows the stories across borders, about love that for the most part doesn't happen without trial and travail. Does one leave blindly or with great hesitation? Was the journey, with all of its obstacles, worth the destination?

Does love triumph?

'Love conquers all' is an oft-used saying. But, is it also true? Can love overcome great distances? Whether it deals with a love from studying abroad, a vacation flirtation that got out of hand or an arranged marriage with someone from the homeland, 'Destination Sweetheart' reveals these human stories. The exhibition also focuses on the matchmakers, mediating family members and dating websites. And, the authorities that want to be sure that it really has to do with true love.

What is your story?

As a visitor, you are invited to share your own love and/or migration story. Which love led you to leave? Which love could have done it, but was never truly possible? What do these stories tell us about love?

'Destination Sweetheart' is an exhibition about courage, romance, love and resilience. Yet also about pain and struggling. It is about love in all of her many shades.

Practical information

  • 25/10/2020 - 30/05/2021
  • Exhibition in De Loods (Hangar)

banner photograph: collection Silvana Spallarossa