Reminiscence: living at home
“The daughter of Dilbi - Bent el Dilbi”

Stories and songs by Sally Ghannoum (English & Dutch) (+15)

10:00 am and 2:00 pm on Monday 25 November 2019 & at 8:00 pm on Wednesday 27 November

Singer and director Sally Ghannoum left Syria in 2015. She still wonders what the country means to her. Is it just a piece of land, or does it stand for more? Sally tells us how she is able to feel at home through the symbolic story of the Dilbi tree. When she lacks words, the Syrian music takes over.

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Fleeing: en route to somewhere else
“Crossing worlds – Dumuzi’s memories”

A visual performance by Saif Lama‘a, a.k.a Dumuzi (English) (+18)

8:00 pm on Wednesday 29 January 2020

Visual artist Saif Lama'a (stage name Dumuzi) fled Syria in 2010. He remembers the journey as if it were yesterday, down to the smallest details. Using brush strokes, colours and lines, he captures his memoirs on canvas and tells a visual story.

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Belgium: the time of arrival
“Performing the self – the interview”

A play by Enrica Camporesi & Elena Mazzi (Dutch subtitles) (+16)

10:00 am and 2:00 pm on Monday 17 February 2020 & at 8:00 pm on Wednesday 26 February 2020

A man and a woman sit opposite each other: a protection officer and an asylum seeker waiting for the interpreter. A conversation starts. They flirt, philosophise and reveal their mutual expectations. What if this interrogation turned the life of the asylum seeker upside down? With Maya Sannen and Fady Al Ghorra (a Palestinian actor and refugee) on stage, Enrica Camporesi creates a profound and poetic dialogue.

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Impact of migration: A new beginning?
“Ik ben Hussein, wie ben jij?”

“I am Hussein, who are you?”, a monologue by Hussein Mahdi, production by Madam Fortuna (Dutch) (+14)

10:00 am and 2:00 pm on Monday 23/03/2020 & at 8:00 pm on Wednesday 25/03/2020

Theatre-maker Hussein Mahdi fled Iraq in 2015. He has been living in Belgium for three years. He searches for his motivations to expand his future in Europe, and is looking for his place in society. Hussein enters into a dialogue with the public and wants to know who they are and what they are looking for.

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Specially Unknown / Field workers

The artists told their story of their flight to our field workers: museum interviewers, each with their own migration story. The field workers received training from the museum in, among other things, heritage methods and interview techniques. On behalf of the museum, they go in search of inspiring migration stories, which are then added to the museum collection.

The field workers project is part of the “Specially Unknown” project of the European Community. It revolves around migration and the collection of stories. Together with “Rete Italiana di Cultura Popolare” in Turin, “Génériques” in Paris, the LWL Industrial Museum in Bochum and the BMP Foundation in Amsterdam, the Red Star Line Museum is collecting 160 interviews. Artistic productions are set up around this. A so-called Delphi study on the significance of cultural participation with experts from nine EU countries is ongoing. Read more about the Specially Unknown project:


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