The Red Star Line Museum is a museum full of stories. The museum has already collected hundreds of travel stories with the generous assistance of people in Belgium and abroad. Sometimes we receive extensive written stories, sometimes fragments: a photo, scribbles on an old postcard or a tattered letter. All those personal testimonies, letters and personal items provide us information about the migration period to America, the history of the shipping company and the lives of the passengers.

The collective memory

The Red Star Line Museum aims to become the collective memory of stories about past and contemporary migration. In addition to historic stories, the museum has collected a few hundred contemporary stories about migration. These stories are not directly linked to the Red Star Line, and we want more of them. We are still looking for personal stories and, if possible, accompanying photos and objects. 

These stories are immaterial heritage and that is why the museum ensures they are not forgotten.

Your story

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Charles Sachs did. He came to the Red Star Line Museum to tell the story of his grandfather.