The Upper Deck museum café is located on the second floor in De Loods (accessible by elevator). The menu includes both cold and hot snacks and drinks. There are also specials of the day.

But the café offers even more:

  • The little ones can dig to their heart's content in a bin of toys.
  • In a corner of the café are some personal computers. With these, you can search for passengers who arrived at Ellis Island in America long ago on the Red Star Line. Maybe you'll find a family member again? 
  • You can also look browse the "Passenger". This magazine of the Red Star Line Museum informs donors about the ins and outs of the museum.
  • The museum café is also the location for our 'Upper Deck Evenings'. We program an activity linked to the theme of the temporary exhibition. You can visit the exhibition after normal opening hours and then follow the evening program in the café with a snack or a drink.

Upper Deck is operated by Keukentuig, which also provides the catering for the Red Star Line Museum events.