On 3 June 2014 Luc Verheyen, the coordinator of the Red Star Line Museum, proudly accepted the public award of the annual Museum of the Year Award. More than 5,000 people cast their vote online at www.museumprijs.be and decided that the Red Star Line Museum merited the prize, along with the Museum of Musical Instruments in Brussels and the Fine Arts Museum in Liège.

The fact that the public voted for a new museum like the Red Star Line Museum barely eight months after its opening is an important mark of recognition for the museum. It also serves as an encouragement for the museum team to continue on this path in the years to come and to further develop the Red Star Line Museum. The museum has dedicated the prize to its visitors.

The Red Star Line Museum was also nominated for the Museum of the Year award Flanders, which went to the Gallo-Roman Museum in Tongeren this year.

Since its opening in September 2013 the Red Star Line Museum has already welcomed 150,000 visitors.