At the end of the exhibition route there are four computer screens. They are the entry gates to the museum’s treasury: the digital Warehouse. 

The digital collections of the Red Star Line Museum are stored and presented in this Warehouse. It is a treasure chest in which you are allowed to poke around, arrange data to suit your taste or collect information that interests you. 

The Warehouse can reveal more information about the historic context, Red Star Line ships or life on board. It also shares the passengers’ personal stories with you. 

You can search for family members or people with the same name that emigrated at one time or another: the database contains more than 100,000 files about Belgian emigrants. They are supplemented with data from foreign databases; some of the databases are being tapped into for the first time.


Share your story

But the collection of stories is not complete. You can share your story with the Red Star Line Museum. You can do this in the museum or online via the digital Warehouse. 

The Red Star Line Museum aims to become the collective memory about past and contemporary migration. Do you have a story? Tell us your story in the Warehouse. It does not matter whether it is a historic story about an ancestor or family member or a contemporary story. We will cherish it and ensure that it is not forgotten. 

The connection of the database with personal details about Belgian emigrants was made possible by the favourable cooperation of the non-profit organisation Genealogy Flanders.