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News from around the world was picked up by the printer via the radio. In addition, the newspaper contained information about onboard activities or excursions arranged for the passengers. On the Belgenland, Walter Pittoors was the ship’s printer. House cartoonist William Seabrook drew cartoons and comics. Photographers contributed visual reports.

Here you can read a few issues of the World Cruise News from the sixth world tour of 1929-1930. A total of 62 issues appeared on this cruise between December 1929 and April 1930. We have selected ten special ones for you.

8 January 1930: Typewriters and newcomers

21 January 1930: ‘Lost day’ and widows on board

4 February 1930: Japan, ‘some vast, lovely park’ 

6 February 1930: Parrots forbidden and ‘no radio news today’ 

13 February 1930: ‘Shanghai, the home of hungry thieves’ 

21 February 1930: Advice on bargains in Manila 

1 March 1930: Ants in the fruit of Java

17 March 1930: Crows in Ceylon and a shoemaker 

4 April 1930: Horse-racing on board 

17 April 1930: Sunset on the Nile