This is why te presentation 'Arrival at Ellis Island' is to be updated.  A new configuration of the exhibit will add the element of 'recollection'. How do the descendants of the Red Star Line passengers recall their family history, and how does this define their identity in modern American society? Filmed testimonies and objects on display, such as Irving Berlin's piano, will tell the story of how these settlers sought to build a new life in the New World. 

To better serve as a multi-functional space for various museum activities, the construction work also includes the transformation of the shed building. Thanks to a number of architectural improvements, the museum will be able to offer its visitors a more open and accommodating environment.

On top of this, the story of historic migration will be further enhanced, extended and set in relation to current events by means of different projects, initiatives and exhibitions.

Following its temporary closure, the Red Star Line Museum will reopen on 22 September with a festive all-family-weekend. This will coincide with the start of the new temporary exhibition 'Thuishaven' ('Safe Haven').