Following the migrant's trail
An eventful journey
The Red Star Line Museum invites you on an eventful journey in the footsteps of the emigrants. Become acquainted with the Red Star Line passengers and accompany them on their trip from their native village via Antwerp to the new world.
In our collection
Eugeen Van Mieghem
Antwerp artist, 1875-1930
Eugeen Van Mieghem is an Antwerp realist artist. He grows up in his parents’ café, right across the entrance of the Red Star Line sheds in the Montevideostraat.
In 1890, the painter Louis van Engelen depicted a crowd of Belgian emigrants moving across Antwerp’s Nassau Bridge to the district of Het Eilandje towards a ship. The resident population watches them pass by.
On Saturday 6 April 2013 the artist and filmmaker Hans Op de Beeck made “Dance”, a contemporary film about migration for the Red Star Line Museum. It was a cold spring day but the commitment and the enthusiasm of the 770 extras was heart-warming.
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Upper Deck, foto: © Victoriano Moreno
On the mezzanine you'll find the museum cafe 'Upper Deck'. Visitors from the museum can head to the bar for a drink or tasty snack.
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Never a dull moment
Kids ahoy! Welcome aboard the Red Star Line Museum. Discover the museum and experience an exciting journey in the footsteps of the emigrants.
The Red Star Line Museum organises four inspiring events in 'De Loods' with artists who fled their country. Based on their own story, they will give the spectators an insight into the lives of refugees.
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A visit to the Red Star Line Museum is a journey into the past and an encounter with the present. Migration then was quite different from migration as we know it today. But the human aspect of the story is universal and timeless. A guide will take you and your students on an adventure in the museum and/or the city. En route you will get to meet the Red Star Line’s passengers.
Are you teaching evening classes for non-native speakers? Are you coaching an integration training programme? You and your students are very welcome at the Red Star Line Museum for a late night visit!
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Temporary exhibitions
Foto: Diana Dimbueni
Refugee experiences in Antwerp
In our city there are young people who can bear witness to war, hunger and dictatorships. Newcomers, who have come to our country as refugees. In a time in which more is spoken about them rather than with them, their stories are worth hearing. An installation in 'De Loods', from November 7 to April, 19.
The Red Star Line Museum is everything but a traditional museum. Here's an overview of our activities.